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Methylphenidate is a drug that is similar to amphetamine. Its name is often shortened to MPH but is better known by the brand name of Ritalin. MPH stimulates the central nervous system. It does this by increasing dopamine transmission in the brain. The drug is commonly used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. It is sometimes used together with other drugs to treat depression. In most countries, its use needs to be prescribed by a doctor. The most common side-effects of taking the drug are nervousness and sleeping problems. About one in ten patients see these problems. Other side-effects include changes in blood pressure, headache, and weight loss. Some cases of Tourette syndrome and psychosis have been reported, amongst others. Sometimes, the drug has been prescribed to children without proper ADHD diagnosis to increase their academic performance. This use has been criticized by the media. Using methylphenidate in children may be problematic because it has been linked with slower growth. The media often use the name Ritalin for all drugs containing methylphenidate, and even for other stimulants used to treat ADHD. Ritalin is one drug containing methylphenidate, which is often used in such cases. This drug can also cause euphoria when it is abused for recreational purposes. Abusing Methylphenidate may lead to psychological addiction and to severe side effects- including, but not limited to psychosis, cardiac arrest, and death.

A patient called Rey shared two months ago a review posted by DRUGS about his bad experience with RITALIN treatment: "For ADHD: “(18 M) I recently got diagnosed with ADD and was given Ritalin. 5mg per day as a start-up dose. I have dabbled with other drugs in the past, like cannabis, LSD, mushrooms, and morphine. I took Ritalin for two days before deciding to quit. Never in my entire life have I ever felt this level of addiction, nor have I ever crashed this bad on any drug. I have suffered from severe depression, OCD, and anxiety for some years. The crash gave me a rebound to my past psychosis.”


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Kin + Carta Americas full-time Cons: After years of running as a small consulting shop, Solstice finally found a successful niche in catering to the rapidly growing mobile market. "Growing" is the key word for the root of Solstice's problems. Instead of growing organically, Solstice has been ramping up their employee base at an inordinate rate. The problem is that it stretching out faster than that which is comfortable. Classic growing pains, developing stretch marks. The company still wants to think and act like a small, spry company, but it has developed too quickly into a mid-sized business without having gained the proper maturity to match its new size. When the company was smaller, it celebrated their rock stars, which was necessary that everyone needed to always bring their A game for the company to succeed. Even as the company outgrew its shell, it still wanted everyone to be a rock star. This mindset fails in several ways as the company expands. Once past a hundred people, not everyone will know everyone else, so the standard pats on the back will come only from certain select individuals, which creates a game of visibility. If you aren't working with the right people who will be your champion and be the "servant leader" that Solstice claims to create, then you can easily slip through the ever-widening cracks. Every company should strive to have great employees, but if everyone is to become a rock star, the end result will be a cacophony, as everyone is shouting at the top of their lungs for attention. In a smaller company this is feasible, but it is unsustainable in a larger place. The politics will continue, with the most favored rock stars getting the choice projects and promotions while other employees will be sent into a career limbo, floating along on unwanted projects for an indeterminate amount of time or until they mysteriously "disappear". As a previous reviewer mentioned, people would occasionally disappear from time to time, with no mention of where they went. Quite often it tended to be older, more experienced employees who would become an Unperson. Did they go to a new job or were they let go? Who knows?! Don't ask, don't tell. As a company doing mobile development, it practices agile methodologies, which makes good sense, since the older, rigid practice of waterfall principles do not work well with the highly dynamic flow of developing software in an era where platform updates are measured in months, not years. This is good that Solstice is open to new ideas and willing to try new things -- however -- this can be taken to an extreme where a lack of established process and structure can form, which leaves the company without any proper direction, randomly chasing after anything which looks even vaguely interesting. Too much structure is restrictive and stifles creativity and original ideas, yet lack of structure encourages a chaotic environment which is continually shifting gears, even when it is completely unnecessary."

Former Employee - Technical Analyst says

"I worked at Kin + Carta Americas full-time for more than a year Cons: 1) Peer reviews/feedbacks totally depends if the team lead likes you or not. Despite good feedbacks consecutively, you might not get promoted. 2) Claiming to be a family is a bogus statement if you don't support the family. The employees needed the most support when COVID hit instead they laid off a huge chunk of people without any prior notice. That was a sad day."

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